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RSCA Esports


Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht is a football club with a glorious past that has been playing continuously in the First Division of Belgium since 1935. The eye of purple-white fell on esports and they wanted to take the opportunity to engage themselves for the young fans in an innovative way with both hands.

That is why the record champion started - as the first club in Belgium - to search for an official esporter for the club. Thousands of entries and a big final on the Fan Day later the choice fell on Zakaria Bentato (21). He chose number '96' as a reference to his birth year and was immediately admitted to the purple-white family as a full player.

Now, RSCA is stepping up their game. The biggest club in the country wants to challenge their fans. That is why rsca-esports.be was created, a platform where you can manage both online and offline tournaments.

Do you have a FIFA Ultimate Team and does FIFA holds no more secrets for you? Then quickly put on your virtual football shoes and prove that you are the best man or woman in the community! View the various tournaments quickly via www.rsca-esports.be/en/tournaments.